1. swampyankee
    I'm quite interested in scientific software -- I made my living by writing engineering software for about 20 years -- and would like to start some discussions about the many scientific software programs and libraries out there: how to write them and how to use them, and how they are verified.
  2. Sarawak
    I'd be interested in numeric stability issues in such software, having been repeatedly been bitten in the *** on a project a while back, in which seeminly innocuous mathematical expressions evaluated in what seems like the straightforward way, would lead to - well, not good results.
  3. Extrasolar
    Hi, I've been building my own system for analyzing Kepler data in the last few months, and the subject interests me a great deal. I am no more than a hobbyist though. I've made it web based with PHP that reads the data from a Mysql database. Would be glad to provide a link if anyone is interested in checking it out!
  4. brofka
    Surely there must be hundreds interested in scientific software programming!
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