A slice of bread with only one side!

  1. rigney
    Could our universe have began as an exploding metacenter of anti-energy?
  2. TheUFOPilot
    dropped and cut from theory of thought
  3. TheUFOPilot
    The universe could be a result of perpetual renewal of areas within it rather than one big bang. Say the universe has a black hole and that hole eats matter on a huge scale until the matter cannot be crushed any further, and when the limit is reached the matter combined explodes and creates a totally new area in space, forming new stars and galaxies etc, forcing the universe outwards in size. Then we get a star collapsing in on itself creating a new black hole and the cycle continues through the whole universe. When the universe gets to a certain size, it may cancel parts of its self out or start reducing back to the original form of fermion matter and particles of hydrogen again until it get critically dense and starts all over again?
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