1. EigenState

    Just a brief welcome to all who choose to join.

    Now get to doing some science!

    Best regards,
  2. Lovethetropics
    Thank you ES
  3. Rick Nowell
    Rick Nowell
    Hi; managed to get the admin to let me reply to a group thread. Newbies aren't allowed to post replies in groups unless the settings are changed by admin. Nice to have a group to associate with as I'm definitely a newbie on this forum. I'll be concentrating on GPs of course and am in the process of trying to get admin to change a thread title. Give them something to do. I guess this forum must get spammed a lot, being an old type .php, but it's good in a way that it has sponsors and partners and stuff.

    What I am wondering is whether pictures from SDSS or Hubble can be used here, and how would I link to them? Any help appreciated.
  4. ngc3314
    Best I can tell, you can make a text link within a group post with the usual [ url= ] text [/ url] syntax (omitting the spaces), but not actualy insert an image (unlike forum posts where it's straightforward). I found yesterday that group posts have a 1000-character limit.
  5. Rick Nowell
    Rick Nowell
    Is this good just as a general chat thread?
    #zoocon for yesterday's event in Oxford (I didn't go).
    Also, some on this forum have odd points of view...
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