Suggested members

  1. EigenState
    Suggest a member that you believe would be interested in joining the group. Invitations to join can then be made.
  2. Lovethetropics
    Let me go to the mass messages, will get back on this.
    Bruno, did you invite him?
  3. EigenState
    Hi Aida,

    I did not contact Bruno.

    I had intended this thread for suggestions of CQ members to invite. LOL But go for it.

    Best regards,
  4. Lovethetropics
    Oh, who better to know who to invite from here than you? I barely know them, hoping to make many friends though.
  5. Jean Tate
    Jean Tate
    antoniseb, amber robot, StupendousMan, (I did not check whether these last two are written as one word or two), MattO.
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