On Rationality

  1. Sarawak
    Like some others at this board, I have some exposure to science and scientific thought processes. I took a number of science classes at the uni, and even received good marks in some of them.

    That means that I understand rational thought, contrasted with the ignorant superstitious modes of thought used by non-scientific people.

    Since I am rational, my superior thought processes allow me to comment authoritatively on topics in which I have no knowledge, no training, and no expertise. And because of my superior rationality and scientific knowledge, I won't sound like a complete goof while doing it.

    So are we all in agreement, or are some of you against science?
  2. Gigabyte
    As long as it's the right kind of science.
  3. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    Of course it is the right kind of science, otherwise why study it.
  4. Sarawak
    If we study it, maybe it will become right.
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