Gorn's ideas

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  1. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    I have invited Gorn to join the group as I feel his ideas are the sort of thing we should be discussing.
  2. Sarawak
    I think this is the individual who decided that if space travel is expensive, then the solution is to have everyone just volunteer.

    I can't really see any problem with that idea - can you?
  3. Gorn
    Hello. No. I am thinking of a 'one time' large volunteer project. When the project is done or the goal is accomplished..people can go back to their own lives. Also, such an organization at the end could
    be turned into a business or charity. Also..far from asking the present day 'Aerospace' workforce to do this...I am thinking of creating a large volunteer organization like the 'Lions Club' or The Red Cross
    who would send out volunteer request cards...to the 'entire' North American population..say...to get a response.

    I am thinking of simply 'launching' the future....I am not trying to change much what already exists.

  4. Sarawak
    So when do you expect to have something off the ground?
  5. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    Would there be a European offshoot for Arneb and I?
  6. Sarawak
    Off the cuff, I would guess the rate of volunteerism would be similar in Europe and North America. But that is just a guess.
  7. Gorn
    Hello. No personally I won't being doing much in a near time frame..but I like to 'bandy' about ideas with others. First..maybe you could go to say a 'Lion's Club' or a 'Kiwanis club' to find out how they got started.

    I think maybe things were small and humble in the beginning like a small group (say 2 or 3 people) who all went to a small barbeque together to talk and socialize. Then they decided say to have a regular
    block party type get together where they would invite others...all with the goal to simply provide their small group of members a place to physically go to and maybe eat free food and socialize.

    What you could then do is provide very small incentives for people to come to this group to talk and to simply expand the group a little in size to help perpetuate the gathering. The incentives would be simply free food and maybe free transport to the gathering location.

    Then maybe people in the group could 'strategize' a little like how to grow the group maybe a little more.
  8. Gorn

    Sometime I like to use an example. Some countries..say..have 'regular' armed forces and also a large(r) reserve force. These reserve forces are usually larger in number but have less training. It cost less
    to train them therefore they play just a 'support' role to the regulars. But I think that if you asked the military..they would tell you that even though they are not full fledged professionals they are essential in
    war time to winning wars.

    Could you train such a volunteer workforce that could play a huge support role to an aerospace workforce space program of some sort? Potentially I think..or maybe not.

    Some people have said that all this is not necessary. Course that's not the point. If it can be done, and if people are willing to do the work then maybe it should be done.
  9. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    So is the plan to pair every aerospace professional up with a volunteer or two to temporarily triple the workforce?
  10. Gorn
    Hello. My ideas can be a little different or maybe even rudimentary. Suppose a 'rocket' company wants to buy computers for their office. I think they would then simply go out to a store..and buy them.
    Then suppose instead that a few volunteers got together..and plotted and schemed and went about building or making these office computers from 'scratch'. Then they simply went a gave these computer's to the company for 'free'. Hmm..maybe they just saved the company a few thousand dollars and they used the money for other purposes.

    Suppose a larger group of people got together and went about building an entire house. Say with a few journeyman and apprentice carpenters. They were also able to get the materials..for free somewhere.
    Then they turned around and 'sold' this house to a company engineer for arguments sake say $100,000 dollars. Then the volunteers turned around and simply gave the money back to the company.

    Then the company use the money for other reasons.

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