1. Sarawak
    So this group is partly about discussion of economics in general.

    We must be careful not to fall into the trap of argumentum ab auctoritate, but how can one get a quick, rough idea of whether one is likely to know what one is talking about, or not?

    The first thing I am inclined to ask, when I hear someone discussing economic matters, is where that person received his/her astrophysics degree.

    Are there any other questions I should ask?
  2. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    What computer languages do you know?
  3. Sarawak
    Hmm, judging from what happened to one of our members, I'm going to get suspended or banned when the mods start policing the groups.
  4. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    Yes Hoof was rather forthright, but given some on the nonsense people were posting in "Monkey Copyright" I have to agree with him/her, up to a point.
  5. Sarawak
    Oh my, we're all going to get banned together now. Lèse-majesté violations.
  6. Sarawak
    Invited Hoof to the "Malcontents" group. Since he (she?) obviously is one.
  7. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    We'll all go down together, to quote Billy Joel.
  8. Sarawak
    Had to look that one up.
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