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  1. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    I collect coins.
    To be more accurate though, coins have found
    me for collection, over the last 20 odd years. I have bought a few
    nice looking old one's too though, adding them
    to the uncountable number that found me over the years.

    The oldest one I possess is a 1733 Isle Of Man coin.
    The next oldest, a French 1771 Louie XV one.
    A couple of 177? George III coins.
    1850 and 1880 Victorian silver bits, countless old
    pennies, 1880's French Francs and a 1923 Dollar coin.

    I think I am a guardian, more than a collector.
  2. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    I collect notes too. I have a bagful of old Reichmarks
    and a Saddam Hussein emblazened Dinar.

    A couple of HUGE 1901 Russian notes too.

    Forgot to mention my many Rhodesian coins and a
    few Third Reich coppers too.

    No idea of value, just collecting.
  3. suntrack2
    Oh, what a nice Eric, you really did a marvelous job,I mean you are interestingly doing so, because "to collect" is a very hard term, and as far as hobby is concern this work is quite difficult to collect the old and new notes and coins, it is easy to collect the notes in the 10 years, but to collect a very old notes and coin wants a real zeal and the dedication towards the collection and the maintainence of the collection, most of the people keeps hobbies for a short term purpose(fashion), later they throw it or that things just remains in the dust bins. So, you doing a very good job, I wish you all the best, may the stock of the old coins and old notes rise within your catlogue.

    Good luck, Vaxxine.

  4. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    Thanks Suntrack2....very kind remarks.
  5. suntrack2
    Oh, kind remarks, you have a great sense of attachment which you have shown with the zeal, thanks a lot eric, any more hobby do you have or intend to opt something different than collecting the coins and the paper currency etc. !!
  6. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    suntrack2, since you ask and as it happens, I have acquired a few fine guitars over the years ...and much like the coins, these beauties found me as opposed to me seeking them.

    I don't know how much you know about guitars as collectable items, but certain brands and their year of production are more sought after than others. But I am a guitar player, not a collector so, despite their vintage value, I use them to entertain, not to parade.

    Gigging with my 1962 Fender Stratocaster far outweighs its market value which well you can find that out yourself. Try to find one for sale.

    But that's enough about me, what about your hobbies...? Keen to know!
  7. suntrack2
    ThanksErik, My cousin bought one guitar in the last week. She is seen always to adjust the screw of this gutar very often, so there is a problem of tuning the guitar all the time, do you think while playing the guitar it is necessary to adjust the screws first !

  8. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    Every guitar need tuning. Buy your cousin something like this.....
  9. TheHalcyonYear
    I like dressing up and going to renaissance faires and other festivals.
  10. Eric Vaxxine
    Eric Vaxxine
    I like going to gigs loaded with wigs and plastic guitars. After a couple of hours (and a few drinks...) the audience will happily don the hairpieces and play the plastic guitars like they ARE guitar hero's!
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