Trying to figure out which to buy

  1. JazzyDrummer
    which is better a cass or a mus?? I have always owned reflector/refractor and I want to step up to the big guns. I have about $2,500.00 to spend. any suggestions?
  2. Starhopper
    Hi Jaz, Starhopper here, go to,, or google each kind and research each, and compair which one suits your needs and expectations of a scope. Me personnally, portability is important and the biggest aprature i can handle doing set up and take down on my own. The bigger the ap, the more detail you'll see. If your not going to do DS photography I would recomend mininum, a 10" Newtonian Dobsonian. I have two ten inch scopes, one on a eq powered mount for photography and the other on a Dob mount. Also the sixteen Meade Lightbridge. all three are portable but unless you a burly guy you would be smarter to have another person to help you with the Lightbridge 16. Newtonians require maintenance and if you are not mechanically able then go with scopes that don't require collimnating like the Catadioptric scopes which get pretty pricey. Hope I've helped ya and others. Happy Starhopping.
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