Inflationary Cosmology, for anyone who wishes to take part...

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  1. Checker000007
    In the search for problem solving to the Big Bang Theory, it is necessary to to consider modifications... that could solve some of these known problems. There will be "no" bashing here! Only Constructive Criticism is allowed! Anyone wishing to take part in such a discussion and be a part of this group will be welcome!
    Problems that we have are:
    -Why is the universe here?
    -Far away parts of the universe appear to be moving faster than the speed of light, "away from us"...
    -if the universe was perfectly homogeneous, galaxies couldīnt have formed...
    -Particles and objects like magnetic monopoles, cosmic strings, axions, domain walls should be seen today...
    Any ideas pertaining to this topic are very welcome! Even if you have an idea, that you canīt support with fact, you can still be free to share your thinking...
  2. Checker000007
    Moderators are at any time welcome to take part without being members, to keep everything in a scientific perspective! Thank you!
  3. 137don
    What reading material has been your primary seed-bed for your ideas. I'm just trying to get a handle on your perspective with this before I jump in. Thanks.
    Fair skies & following seas ...
  4. fabian chandra
    fabian chandra
    Hi... I am a new member, and would like to post share opinion, but I dont't know how, it seems fail to post in any board.... does anyone can help? how?

  5. andro
    hey, guys I have just joined your grp.I have few ques. on space science.
    - As the crab pulsar emits radiation greater than speed of light then why does the THEORY OF SPECIAL RELATIVITY still exists?
    - Is earth going to change its poles after few thousands of yrs? why?
  6. John Jaksich
    John Jaksich
    Hey andro---

    as far as I am informed the pulsar within the Crab Nebula cannot emit pulses faster than c (the speed of light) ---if you are forming a thought experiment where --the light does travel faster than "c" then the Theory of Special Relativity would possibly need to be completely re-vamped to fit within the newly assigned parameters
  7. John Jaksich
    John Jaksich
    137don--you might try Reviews of Modern Physics Volume 82 January--March 2010

    Author:Matthias Bartelmann
    Title: The Dark Universe

    I assume if all interested parties work together ---the more difficult concepts might "spring to life."
  8. rigney
    Being new to the forum, I would not like to appear overly presumptive, but has anyone ever given a thought to the idea that perhaps something was here before our universe began? Not a pin point of light being confined as a SINGULARITY; but a substantive world totally alien and different, anti-energy? Is there a way of proving such a nonnsensical theory? No way!. Can it be pursued as a thesis? Maybe, but be careful! Since I am intrigued by the subject, give me a call back
  9. rigney
    Since ignorance doesn't make you a "DUD" but stupidity goes on forever, I'd like to make a suggestion. Open your discussion to any and all radical thought processes imaginable, without castigation. You can't go wrong, and may even find some insight?.
  10. Infinitenight2093
    why is the universe here? that would be a strange question to answer. If there is something that can be achieved through our universe, then what is it that can be achieved? what happens after we achieve this goal, and if it can never be achieved, then why try and achieve anything at all?
    If the universe (or the multiverse for that matter) were not here, then what would be here. In my mind, nothing cannot really exist because even nothing has to be built upon something (either that or maybe nothing is just the complete opposite of everything we know and accept in our universe, this "nothing" would never exist to us because it cannot interact or touch our universe)
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