Magnetism and Gravity -

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  1. John Jaksich
    John Jaksich
    Here's is Kepler's 1st Law:

  2. John Jaksich
    John Jaksich
    And Kepler's Third Law: "The square of the orbital period of a planet is directly proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit."

    The last of the laws is the more interesting since it may involve higher mathematics to prove or derive.

    Thank you Wikipedia!
  3. andro
    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii jaksichj wanna appreciate for your explanation, well what about planets rotation on their own axis {take eg. of mercury and earth} I have searched out but couldn't understand, can you explain it plz?

    hey I want to be your frnd, can't we chat on this forum?
    If not then where we should have a chat. I want to ask about my career.
  4. John Jaksich
    John Jaksich
    Lets chat here---for awhile.

    As for the rotation about the planet's axis--that is much more complicated. It might be better for you to just ask questions.
  5. andro
    But it takes lot of time to post one msg we can't sit for that much .
  6. andro
    Hey, jaksichj no msg from you..................
  7. John Jaksich
    John Jaksich
    Sorry it took me awhile to respond---I thought you did not want to chat
  8. TheUFOPilot
    Hi, new at this so here goes...I think Gravity is the effect of particle momentum or inertia or increased mass. Magnetism could be the effects of electron or particle kinetic energy we know time slows down in gravity, and speeds back up when it loses it, it should mean energy interactions should work in syncronisation between matter in gravity, and thus mean light or energy speed is being regulated by gravity in the said zone. Gravity must be able to be created in 2 ways..a small body at speed, with an an increase of mass, creating a volocity based matter slow down, thus mass and a slow down in time.And the natural earth like large body creating gravity from spin, together with a large electro magnetic core efect that could interact with surrounding particls and their EM fields or matter waves etc? I am using a working planitary core idea to determine the EM effect as most planets i think that have no working core have somehow less or produce lass gravity than ones that do
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