Inflationary Cosmology, for anyone who wishes to take part...

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  1. JohnDR
    My Theories (Part 2)
    Time is not like a flowing river and yet we can follow events as though it was - the illusion of time is the result of each moment having been influenced and steered by the previous moment during the ever repeating tendency of existence to act and react to itself.
    Consciousness is an extension of reaction to external stimuli. Without consciousness there is no point to existence. Consciousness and existence feed one another on a quantum level. Without conscious thought no particles of existence would be generated. There is consciousness everywhere throughout infinity. It is the reason that biological life forms are compelled to survive and to propagate. Existence seeks a higher consciousness. But, why?
  2. JohnDR
    My Theories on Existence (Part 1)

    Absolute Nothingness is not a possibility. Neither is allness, the existence of everything at once. There exists an eternal struggle between nothingness and allness. As a result, a near neutral but violent condition permeates infinity - this is existence.
    The forces within atoms, magnetic fields, and gravity are all results of this eternal tug-of-war. They are really all the same, but because of their vastly different scales, they are perceived differently by us.
    Existence is infinite and eternal and begins right now - its shape and content are a result of what was already in existence at that moment - there was no beginning. Existence at each moment depends on the state of being at the previous moment resulting in what seems like a flow of time.
    Where there is conflict there is reaction, thus there is heat and light and all other forms of radiation in turn stimulating more conflict. Only pure neutrality would end existence.
  3. vishalsuri1980
    Hi all, I am Vishal.
  4. perception
    Hi ! I'm Perception. If everything moves and nothing is evr at rest! Our planet spins, our galaxcy spins. Does our universe have a spin as a whole? If it does have a spin, how has it effected the inflation cosmology over time?
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