1. perception
    When a particle is in " super position", displaying itself in more than one position at the same time! Would the result of this be due to the fact that the particle is moving faster than the spped of light?

    Our faster increment we can measure is the speed of light! If something was to move say twice the speed of light ( within a controlled field-which all experiments do!), would it not look like to us that it was in two places at once. The size of the controlled field would determine in how many different place we would be able to view simultaniously!

    I'm not saying the theory is 100% corrected...would like to hear feedback onpossiblities... enjoy!
  2. The Tunneller
    The Tunneller
    think of the quantum tunnelling effect. A particle or rather wavicle can be both transmitted and reflected by a barrier it is therefore both behind and outside the barrier. it does not need to move faster than light to achieve that. Only its wave properties make it possible
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