Absolute or Relative Maths

  1. Sarawak
    Numbers do what they tell them to do, constrained only by the requirement of logical consistency.

    Of course, if you want your maths to be useful . . .

    HtB says: Blimey I can edit your posts, as if I were a mod!
  2. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    I don't require my maths to be useful but I do demand that it is happy.
  3. Sarawak
    Good point, you definitely don't want unhappy maths.
  4. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    Just being generally cheerful is enough, I don't require my equations to be transcendental.
  5. Sarawak
    Best if your numbers are transcendental though!
  6. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    You know I have no idea what I am talking about, don't you?

    How queer, I can edit the OP but not any of your other posts, I can only report them. I can also report my own posts.
  7. Hoof Hearted
    Hoof Hearted
    Greetings to this august assembly. I look forward to discussing matters of great and weighty importance, particularly equine-related mathematical issues.
  8. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    Welcome Hoof equine-related maths is one of the more important types.
  9. Sarawak
    Certainly for equines.
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