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  1. EigenState
    Astronomy and Astrophysics

    The New Cosmos: An Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics, Fifth Edition, by Albrecht Unsöld and Bodo Baschek, translated by W.D. Brewer, Springer-Verlag (2005).
    ISBN-13: 9783540678779

    Frontiers of Astrophysics, edited by Eugene H. Avrett, Harvard University Press (1976).
    ISBN-13: 9780674326590

    Atoms, Stars, and Nebulae, Third Edition, by Lawrence H. Aller, Cambridge University Press (1991).
    ISBN-13: 9780521310406

    Interstellar Chemistry, by W. W. Duley and D. A. Williams, Academic Press (1984).
    ISBN: 0-12-223360-3

    Molecules in the Galactic Environment, edited by Mark A. Gordon and Lewis E. Snyder, Wiley-Interscience (1973).
    ISBN: 0-471-31608-3

    Searching Between the Stars (Silliman Milestones in Science), by Lyman Spitzer, Jr., Yale University Press (1982).
    ISBN-13: 978-0300027099
  2. EigenState
    Popularizations of Physics and Astronomy:

    Bang!: The Complete History of the Universe, by Brian May, Patrick Moore, and Chris Lintott, Johns Hopkins University Press
    ISBN13: 9780801889851

    Magic Furnace: The Search for the Origins of Atoms, by Marcus Chown, Oxford University Press (2001).
    ISBN13: 9780195143058

    The Time and Space of Uncle Albert, by Russell Stannard, Faber and Faber (2005).
    ISBN 0571226159

    Black Holes and Uncle Albert, by Russell Stannard, Faber and Faber (2005).
    ISBN 0571226140

    Uncle Albert and the Quantum Quest, by Russell Stannard, Faber and Faber (2005).
    ISBN 0571226809

    The New World of Mr Tompkins: George Gamow's Classic Mr Tompkins in Paperback, by George Gamow and Russell Stannard , Cambridge University Press (2001).
    ISBN 0521639921
  3. Jean Tate
    Jean Tate
    A Grand and Bold Thing, "An extraordinary new map of the universe ushering in a new era of discovery", by Ann Finkbeiner (2010). ISBN: 978-1-4165-5216-1 (and 978-1-4391-9647-2 for the e-book) is an account of how SDSS, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, came to be.
  4. grapes
    Just going to point out that Six Easy Pieces by Feynman is a set of six of the Feynman Lectures on Physics
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