Things that rip my knitting

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  1. DonkeyGirl
    Things seem to have been in balance for over a year now, or maybe I misunderstand. The ignore button takes the edge off the stupidity and removes most of the "Look at me, no at me, over here! Look at me!!" posts. Unfortunately if someone quotes the post it can sneak up on you.
  2. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    We need a "More contented" group as this place is less onerous now that the moderation is less pettifogging.
  3. Heid the Ba'
    Heid the Ba'
    It is now more than a month since the last suspension or banning. Are we more content or are the Mods?
  4. NewHalf
    Don't look now but there has been a recent suspension.
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