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Though there is such big importance looking at the face, but sometime the face reading study can assist in understanding the person's activities. One can easily read the other's face. If someone is in worry, he will raise some lines on his forehead by keeping one hand up on the head. If someone is in a joyful mood, his eyes will look more charm, his face color will appear as pink, his leaps will expand too much in the interval, he will try to share his joy with the other people or related persons. He will laugh loudly, he will press his leg on the floor.

Generally if someone full of drowsiness, his face will appear just like he has awaken from the bed, he will raise his hand over the head, he will move his tongue on his leaps etc. We can understand the confidence of the other people just by looking at their faces, it is so easy. The confident people looks around with a great concentration, they don't disturb normally. They do the things just by eating their lower leap in the mouth, I mean they twist the leap below their upper teeth.

Psychology: psychology prima facie related with the study of brain and the behavior of a person, study of brain means the moods of brain, the general psychology treats the individual by knowing his psychological problems, why he is worried so? Why he is looking in zero?, why he is not laughing, why he continuously weeps, all such things come in the arena of psychology, behavioral aspects, health, wealth, sportiveness, quick decision making ability, non quick decision ability and no decision making ability all are mold in the human psychology.

Where we normally says that "human mistakes are but natural", this is the part of psychology, if we do the same mistake by repeatating again and again and not improving next time means "full-madness", if we do the mistake but next time we are doing it not frequently means there is a case of improvement, few people don't get much improved only because of they do not update their knowledge to receive the possible or expected success to them.

All these things coming in the field of psychology. If someone having all things in his home means he has to keep himself more satisfied, if he is not satisfied then he frustrate, frustration normally comes when someone is repeatedly unsuccessful, but at this juncture his confidence can save to him by not allowing the unfair things in his behavior and his normal behavior gets a"status quo ante".

To understand the children and their language is much important today for the nuclear families in the world, sometime we don't have a proper study of children. Hence understand them with giving them a chance to speak more, try to resolve their problems, try to assist them in doing their work, but it is observed that most of the parents do not take care of what they are talking about. Hence one has to give a equal respect 'to listen carefully' to the children.

Understand their all problems, give them a proper assistance in their home work, take a sharpener and give them a sharpen pencil, clean their compass box, clean their water bag, cover up their all books frequently with colorful pictures, so that they will get a great amusement from you and later they will respond you in a proper way, they will start to listen and follow your commands, hence in short we have take care of our children about their interests. Keep their interests and hobbies, assist to children to expand their hobbies and interests.

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