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    Yesterday, 02:01 PM
    Oh dear. And now that I've seen the next episode, maybe I don't like him so much. :eek: Re: The Prisoner. I remember starting to watch the series...
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    2020-Mar-31, 09:04 PM
    We're midway through season 2 of The Crown, and I wonder how closely they've gotten the protagonists down. Prince Phillip (besides whatever...
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    2020-Mar-31, 08:57 PM
    What's happened? If some of us have treated you poorly, is it really unmendable? I've gotten ticked off and taken a couple of hiatuses (word?) to...
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    2020-Mar-29, 11:25 PM
    All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again... That was my thought once the 3-part pilot (essentially what the producers said the first...
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    2020-Mar-28, 05:25 PM
    CJSF replied to a thread SpaceX's Dragon XL in Space Exploration
    I thought the gateway idea was abandoned? Or is this a SpaceX gateway vs. NASA? CJSF
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    2020-Mar-28, 02:57 PM
    I understand that, in principle, but what stops them from using different CG models and spacing things out more? Or having a fleet of ships bent on...
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    2020-Mar-28, 02:22 PM
    I liked Picard very much, but it ended leaving me a bit underwhelmed and with some trepidation for season two. I mean, deus ex machina much (three...
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    2020-Mar-27, 10:26 AM
    There's a peculiar visual style I noticed first with ST: Disco and now with Picard. The way fleets of ships or groups of objects are placed so close...
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    2020-Mar-27, 04:54 AM
    I'm still entirely sure what happened toward the end of ST:Picard, season one. In the interest of not leaving any spoilers, I won't say anything just...
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    2020-Mar-25, 05:41 AM
    They also lost out on supplying commercial modules to the ISS, didn't they? CJSF
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    2020-Mar-20, 04:31 PM
    Yes, I know. But the season will have to wrap up somehow, and I hope on a better note - writing and story-wise - than episode 9 seems to indicate. ...
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    2020-Mar-20, 03:06 PM
    I wonder if somehow ol' Bruce got a hold of one of Lore's positronic neurons, given how Sutra behaves. It was a bit of a disappointing episode for...
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    2020-Mar-18, 08:33 PM
    CJSF replied to a thread SpaceX in Space Exploration
    I noticed the first stage had a bit more rotational movement and seemed to be correcting itself much more than "usual" before the footage cut - and...
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    2020-Mar-16, 06:56 PM
    I've also been watching The Ready Room (have I mentioned this, above? I get lost sometimes) with Wil Wheaton, as he recaps each week's ST:Picard...
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    2020-Mar-16, 02:38 PM
    CJSF replied to a thread Betelgeuse Fainting in Astronomy
    That's about my assessment as well. The nearly parabolic shape of the dimming event can be seen well with the AAVSO data via @Betelbot on...
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    2020-Mar-16, 02:20 PM
    My wife recently "discovered" episodes of Taskmaster on YouTube. We've watched some of Series 4. The only person I know is Noel Fielding, though I...
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    2020-Mar-08, 04:39 AM
    CJSF replied to a thread Betelgeuse Fainting in Astronomy
    According to Betelbot, it's gained something like .3 mag in the last week or so, and it looks brighter to me. The AAVSO data clearly show a nice...
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    2020-Mar-04, 11:09 AM
    We watched, Where'd You Go, Bernadette last night. Despite some (at best) mediocre reviews, I rather liked it. It was a little slow paced, but that...
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