Without speculating on the specific features that have come to light as a result of the current mission, I would like to explore some more fact-based aspects of the overall 'theatre' itself. More precisely, these two areas of discussion:

-How the currently known environmental conditions may cause water, ice and other such elements to behave on mars - conditions such as temperate, pressure and mineral/chemical composition

-What the generally agreed known conditions were on Mars throughout the period during which any life that might have developed would have done so

From these two areas, once defined - even if only with a range of realisitically possible scenarios - we should be able to examine the mission data from a more informed and perhaps fruitful perspective.

I know that as message board readership goes, that here is a fairly intelligent and well-educated group, with knowledge from a number of disciplines. As an exercise, it might be interesting to put together 'teams' to work on the two 'problems' - or, simply to compile the factual data and go from there. Who's up for it?