Canon T1i (the newest digital Rebel, AKA EOS500 in Europe I think)

100mm f/l lens, f/8, ISO100, 10 minutes.

The best thing about the new camera is live view with zoom---can zoom right in on Sirius (which shows up bright on the LCD) and focus. The LCD also has multiple "color" modes, and I selected a green on black + lowest brightness setting to save dark adaption (to an extent).

I used Gimp to bring out the fainter stars against the skyglow and to make....uh, that's Sirius (maybe Procyon, but I think it's Sirius) on the left near the top, the bright one...the whitepoint so the remaining star colors are at least close. (I guess Sirius is really a slight bluish). Of course, the tree bark looks like lava as a result....

I believe the orange trail top center is Betelgeuse.