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Thread: Ep. 180: Albedo

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    Ep. 180: Albedo

    Why are some objects in the Solar System bright while others are dim? Much of an object's brightness is caused by its albedo, or how well it reflects radiation from the Sun. If you want to know how big a distant moon, comet, or asteroid is, you've got to know its albedo.


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    I loved the way Pamela pronounced Quaoar. Kwa-wa. It sounded like baby talk and made me giggle. Yes I'm making fun of her, but no I don't mean it in a nasty way. I was just amused.

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    I just purchased my first iPod and this was my first podcast. I'm really excited to listen to other ones. On this episode, I learned that I had been pronouncing "Endeladus" and "Kuiper belt" wrong.

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