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Thread: Maybe ET's Calling, But We Have the Wrong Phone

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    Maybe ET's Calling, But We Have the Wrong Phone

    To date, SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) has focused on ETs who 'phone home' using the radio part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and even a very small region within that. But what if ET's phone doesn't use radio waves? Sure the xkcd comic, is funny, but maybe it points to a deep flaw in our [...]


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    I think that looking at radio (or various other electromagnetic wavelengths) is motivated by the same logic as the joke about the man looking for his lost car keys near a street light. Everyplace else was too dark to see them anyway, so why look there?

    If the ets are communicating with, say, modulated beams of neutrinos, or by passing Kuiper Belt Objects back and forth, we've got really no way of detecting their signals.
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    Yep. It's tricky communicating. The military learned to digitize their info, switch frequencies rapidly, compress data and uncompress it at the other end, identify Friend or Foe, changes codes frequently, and scramble their syntax.....all of which led to the telecom world of today. Of course radio signals weaken in travel even with large antennae, it becomes signal/noise ratio. So we should use more energetic photons....and send our inquiries in gamma ray bursts???

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