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Thread: Followup on Relativity Questions from UT Story.

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    Followup on Relativity Questions from UT Story.

    Posted for Jean Tate:

    In a recent Universe Today article of mine, World-wide Campaign Sheds New Light on Nature's "LHC", Hannes wrote several interesting comments, to do with relativity.

    I have directed readers of that article to the Q&A section of BAUT, as a good place to understand the points Hannes makes in more detail, and to get a better understanding of the topic in general.

    To show how it can be done, I've started this new thread, and will invite Hannes, and Universe Today readers, to come here to discuss further.

    Here's an early comment by Hannes, to get the ball rolling:

    Originally Posted by Hannes

    Jar Jar Binks was send with a rocket to space. He doesn't know why, but he will do the job testing the equivalence principle with a massive ball in his hand.

    He is in a big rocket with much fuel. He is accelerating with 1G . He also knows without looking out of a window that at the end of the trip there will be more mass in the ceiling than below him. Jar Jar drops the ball.

    Will it drop to the ceiling or on his foot?

    His brother Einstein look to the ship and sees the ceiling has more mass.

    Jar jar Binks is afraid he will hurt his feet.
    What will Einstein say?

    He is thinking of throwing out the ball outside. He might have a speed close to lightspeed now, accelerating to LS compared to his brother. Will he be able to thow the ball outside, now the rocket is behaving like a black hole to the ouside world?

    He is also very afraid he might evaporate due to Hawking radiation.

    Einstein wrote a note to him "when you are ready and afraid read this".

    What will the note say?


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    This point was raised on an earlier thread, and it didn't lead anywhere, because no one could make any sense out of what point Hannes is making. It can't matter what mass Jar Jar thinks the ceiling has, because the ball falls to his foot because of gravity of a very different sort. It is the gravity due to his acceleration, or if one takes a Machian perspective, it is the gravity of the mass of the rest of the universe-- nothing that has anything to do with the mass of the ceiling above him. Nor should Jar Jar imagine that his rocket is "becoming a black hole" to the rest of the universe-- as an energy conserving system, his rocket cannot be increasing in gravitational mass. Indeed, the rocket is losing energy to its exhaust, it is not gaining energy. So to me, the comments simply don't make any sense-- Einstein's note must read "don't worry, your understanding of relativity is lacking." What makes the comments odd is that Hannes is not claiming them as his own thoughts, he is attributing them to Jar Jar, who may not understand relativity at all and whose entire position seems like a lot of effort to set up a straw man. I'm missing what issues the exercise clarifies.

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    This seems to be a cust and paste of the original posting:

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