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Thread: Unidentified Celestial Object!

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    Unidentified Celestial Object!

    Hello everyone!
    (My first post here)

    On the night of the 28th December I had a little spare time to take some astrophoto's. I started the night by taking some pictures of Orion. Later, as the sky slowly rotated, a bright star (which I believe is Sirius) appeared. I tried to take some pictures of it just to see how sharp I could get it. But what was strange to me was this comet-trail like thing that appeard above it. First I thought it might just have been a random reflection in the telescope from maybe a lamppost (which there aren't many of here), but then I tried to take a longer exposure (30 sec.) and found that it followed the sky.

    The first image is a short exposure and shows the "thing" in sharp edition and the second image is the long exposure and shows that the "thing" moves along the sky and is therefore not a reflection.

    [Do not mind the small shake in the end of sirius in the beginning!!!]

    Does anyone have a guess of what this might be?


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    Probably an internal lens reflection from Sirius or possibly Jupiter. While Jupiter was out of frame its light would be hitting the lens.


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    I've seen something similar looking at Jupiter before. I agree with the interpretation of an internal reflection.

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    Ahh interesting guesses!

    From my geographical position in Denmark (at around 00:30 AM, where these pictures were taken) Jupiter was just underneath the horizon far west, so I doubt it could be that. But could a star really be so bright that it makes a reflection in the lens? Sounds both logical and unlogical to me!

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    Forum has been down so couldn't get back to you until now.

    Yes, it easily could that's why I listed it as a possible cause.

    Retake the image with Sirius in the exact same location and it should reappear. Move the camera so Sirius is in a very different area but both it and the area the object is in are in the image. Likely it will either have vanished or moved to a very different location.


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