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Thread: Annual Horizon Astronomy Trec!

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    Annual Horizon Astronomy Trec!

    It the routine nowadays, find out the lastest
    BIG astronomy goings on and send a film crew
    around the World to film them. Am grateful
    really..lots of images of the fantastic
    technology they have these days. Its the
    explanations that go with the images that
    get tedious.

    The hotel in the Chilian desert looked
    super. But seeing the yolk in someones
    breakfast for a few seconds did not.
    (surely the film editor having a laugh!).
    Then the James Webb project while it is
    still going. A station for seeing Cosmic
    rays, one of about 500, was shown in some
    other desert somewhere. Horizon does not
    go in for explanatory graphics these days,
    they try using silly techniques like zooming
    the images they have to explain things. But
    focusing on a rusty bracket for a few seconds
    was not making it clear. (again the film editors
    having a laugh!).

    I thought I recognised the fruity voiced
    female narator but I was wrong. A sign of
    advancing years I suppose, they are all
    sounding the same

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    Horizon, yes they use the new really slow monotone delivery so we can keep up but I found the runaround just great and it was really rewarding to see that really clever people who stay up all night driving huge telescopes eat eggs just like I do! And no neutrinos yet so let's build a detector fifty times bigger, yes science is great and at least Horizon gets an audience of some of the tax payers who pay for it! Like peteshimmon I wish TV would use units sometimes as well as the awful similes about just how big a big thing is. They just use the "billion dollar" plane though without explaining how many hospitals that equals, as they do on finance programmes. So all in all I am a fan.

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