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Thread: Old Comics.

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    Old Comics.

    They have turned up! Two dog-eared things that
    appeared in the house when I was very young.
    Marvelman dated last week in 1956 and Mystery
    in Space, no date but featuring Secret of the
    Scarecrow World. Both British editions.

    Straight to Google and I find they are well
    known! Even a picture of the scarecrow one.
    So the impression from The Simpsons that people
    collect them is confirmed.

    But the stories...even as a kid they seemed
    well..RIDICULOUS. The artists must have been
    ..I dont know..inebriated perhaps

    But they did keep you quiet for a while!
    Anyone else have stuff like this?

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    Most got tossed out with my 1970's hockey cards. A year or two ago, I found what is left of my (not so old) comics from the early - mid 70's, all with worn covers, my name written on some back covers with marker:

    DC Comics:

    Detective Comics #443 Oct - Nov 1974, features Batman and Manhunter together.
    Batman Family #1 Sept. - Oct. 1975, features Robin and Batgirl fighting ghost of Benedict Arnold
    Four Star Spectacular #3 July-Aug 1976
    Superman #283 Jan. 1975
    Brave and the Bold #118 April 1975, features Batman and Wildcat in a fight set-up by The Joker
    The Joker, #3 Oct 1975 features Joker and The Creeper, #6 April 1976 Joker vs. Sherlock Holmes.

    Marvel Comics:

    The Savage Sub-Mariner #72 Sept 1974 (I think this was the last in that run of Sub-Mariner).
    Spidey Super Stories #11 Aug 1975
    The Amazing Spider-Man #151 Dec 1975

    Classics Illustrated (late 60's reprints):
    #54 The Man in the Iron Mask,
    #81 The Odyssey.

    Charlton Comics:
    Midnight Tales #4 July 1973, features The Midnight Philosopher and Arachne in "Once Upon A Time"
    All New Ghostly Tales #107 Oct 1973, feature "The Anywhere Machine"

    ETA: Not quite the same, but at the same time I also found a number of "Peanuts", "Dennis The Menace", "Family Circus" and "MAD" pocketbooks from the '70's.
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    I wonder what my friend's home looks like now. Twenty
    years ago when I visited him, his living room and hallways
    were filled with boxes of comics, all in plastic bags and
    arranged by title. Must have been 75-150 boxes about
    the size of "banker's boxes". I assume he had many more
    in other parts of the house. None in the kitchen or bath,
    though. It wasn't that bad!

    I only bought a tiny number of comics as a kid. They must
    be somewhere in my own mess of boxes... I remember that
    one had a one-page science essay on the geometry of the
    Universe. Circa 1963, I think.

    -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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    When I had a major clear out in my 20's I kept a few comics from my youth for old times sake and it turned out that in terms of value, I had selected poorly. :-(

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    I still have a pile of Classics Illustrated
    I mentioned a few years ago. Was looking at a
    James Dean picture from the fifties a while
    ago. Sitting on the carpet with a few of them
    spread out. Hey1 I've got that one

    They did fill up any blank pages at the end
    with something like a biog of the author etc.

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