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Thread: Recognition to those who contributed to Apollo

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    Recognition to those who contributed to Apollo

    I found this story on CNN this morning, and thought it merited sharing here. In a very real sense, these women are among the unsung heroes of the Apollo program.


    (Mods, please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum-section.)

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    Hi slaver0110, welcome to BAUT (I think Brian needs a refill )

    Cool story and no, absolutely the right section.
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    What an excellent first post - I hope you stay around, slaver!

    My only quibble is that I wouldn't quite use the word "unsung" - I saw an excellent documentary a few months ago which certainly gave the women their due credit. It included some of the footage in the link, including the memorable anecdote involving corporal punishment using pins!

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    And; this is just one instance of the thousands of workers that were involved. I'm not sure if they are to be considered any more notable than all the others. But directly working on a garment does seem it would connect more to the average person.

    Other notable women would be the ones mentioned on "From the Earth to the Moon" about the ladies that filled all the little cells in the heat sheilds.

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