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Thread: Quadrantid meteors from Orlando,FL,USA 1-4-12

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    Quadrantid meteors from Orlando,FL,USA 1-4-12

    Was 30 degree's outside,Orlando,FL,USA, i ran a EOS on tri-pod from 1am to 6am with settings of 8 seconds,iso800 at F3.5 an 18mm lens. I was aimed NNE. i caught 7 on film, saw 4 by eye an heard over 100 on spaceweather rador echo's

    400 am 1-4-12a.jpg530 am 1-4-12.jpg

    615 am 1-4-12.jpg645 am 1-4-12.jpg

    117 am 1-4-12.jpg330 am 1-4-12.jpg


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    You had a bit warmer night than up here. Though for here it was a balmy -9C. Skies were horrid for transparency with mag 3 with moon up and mag 4 once it set. I was out from 7H to 9.5H UT and saw three sporadic and no Quadrantid meteors. I froze for nothing. Glad you got something. I didn't try the camera as it fogged in only 15 second images the sky was so bright. Maybe next year.


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    The Video of the Quads 2012:

    In the lightess frame i posted above, the one with most blue as it was past 6am, There's Two Quads that fell, the one easylie seen an there's another at the right,real dim fell straight down. If it wasn't 30 degree's outside I would have had to run some type of Dew control but i lucked out. I allways allow my camera or telescope if it's out atleast 2 hours of tempture equalization before using.Being here in the swamp the humiditys super heavy


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