It's time for the next Astronomy Challenge! This is another Bricker quiz, like the first one, or the second one, with similar rules. The previous challenges were in GA, but I have moved this one to BABBling. Only one answer per question, this time. Remember, some of these questions can have more than one right answer. Part of the game is to determine which "right" answer I am looking for--so this contest is all about me. It is sometimes deliberately deceptive, but I think anyone who finishes the quiz will learn something. I know I always do--sometimes I change my answers.

1. What year did the fiftieth star appear on the USAn flag?
2. What is the maximum latitude that can have the moon directly over head?
3. What automobile make is named after an asterism?
4. What day of the year has the worst time to see the Milky Way? (to nearest week)
5. What comes next in this sequence: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto?
6. Which gravity is stronger on the moon, the Sun's or the Earth's? (see question 6 of the first challenge)
7. To the nearest hundredth of a second, how long does it take the Earth to rotate? (see question 1 of the first challenge, or question 9 of the second one)
8. When was Io discovered? (to within ten years)