I was browsing the http://www.moonhoax.com forum when I came across this interesting post.

Hello people
From: Neil Armstrong
Date: 07 Apr 2002
Time: 19:20:39

I heard about this site through a friend of mine. I have not watched the film that's been mentioned however i would like to share some of my thoughts and knowledge with you. I have not apperared in the media for many reasons, one of which is the attention that i find disturbing. We were out there doing our job. I was a test pilot before the space program, we all were, and we are not the ones who placed men on moon. The organization is called NASA. I am proud of what we did for this country, I hope future generations will be proud of us and our country. I have nothing more to say about what we did back in 1969, the world knows it. The hoax phenomenon was always there, even when we first got back. It is entertaining for some to think it otherwise, but you folks actually believe Russians would let us get away with such a lie?.

-Neil Armstrong