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Thread: Water Balloons in Space

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    Water Balloons in Space

    As part of his ongoing (and always entertaining) “Science Off the Sphere” series, Expedition 31 flight engineer Don Pettit experiments in orbit with a classic bit of summertime fun: water balloons. Captured in real-time and slow-motion, we get to see how water behaves when suddenly freed from the restraints of an inflated latex balloon… and [...]


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    Almost looks like an amoeba--so that's how those little micelles get started

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    Good Lord!

    Back when I supervised moving crews, on hot days in San Francisco I'd tell the outgoing crews,

    "If you just gotta, no dropping waterballoons on your co-workers from higher than the third floor!"

    As higher than that and the balloon doesn't break fast enough to prevent a rather unpleasant transfer of energy to your neck if it lands on your head.

    And now this. Water balloons from orbit.

    I kinda like it.
    Time wasted having fun is not time wasted - Lennon
    (John, not the other one.)

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