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Thread: Really trivial stuff that bugs you

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    What is this "land line" you speak of? It is from the Before Time!
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    It's the number we keep active just in case somebody still has it. That's happened maybe once in the past year. The cable modem DOES have a built-in battery, whose main function is to keep me from restarting the modem when there's an internet problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
    When I call the useless outage line for our power supplier, an automated voice helpfully tells me that based on my phone number, they've determined the power is out in my area. Yeah, noticed that.
    Then they offer to give me a call back when it's on. Yeah, I think I'll notice that as well.
    If I got a text from my internet company yesterday, it was the one I got late in the afternoon that was just random symbols.

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