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Thread: a Robert Palmer

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    Cool a Robert Palmer

    A number of years ago...I remember seeing a 'talk' show that had a 'musical' element
    during the show. I thot it might be the "Arsenio Hall' show. But for the life of me...
    I could not find that episode where Robert Palmer sang with a entourage.

    He sang I song...that originally came out in 1999 which was a part of his "Rhythm & Blues" album.

    The songs title is "True Love".

    What I like most was this particular 'rendition' or production of it on this particular show. If I remember correctly.

    If anyone has advice on how to find such a thing...or might know about it or their friends...I would really like to know.

    Eventually I would even buy it..(the Arsenio Hall show episode) if it can be found.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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    How about The David Letterman Show? (Honestly, Gorn, that took me about five seconds to search in YouTube.)

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    That is not the 'show' or 'musical' production I saw.

    He had his "own band" and entourage. Which makes it unique...and especially good.

    He had an 'ensemble' of black males with him. White shirts.

    The David Letterman one is actually a bit poor sounding. Pretty good by itself though.

    P.S. I've seen something similar...with ? can't remember his name as a stand in host.
    That's not it either.
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