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Thread: Q: Intent of the "Twitter" feed in moon mapper

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    Q: Intent of the "Twitter" feed in moon mapper

    Just wondering, what is the intention of the Twitter feed in the mapping pages. It looks like its a bunch of different feeds (UT, 365, ect). However, I don't see any hash tag that filtered it (e.g., #MoonMapper, #CosmoQuest, ect). Not that I am complaining, just wondering if there is a specific "filter" that is putting them in the feed.


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    Hi Roy, Those are the feeds of all of our partners and some of our team members - basically a mashup of people whose twitter feeds we think will make good company while you classify. If you think we've added someone we shouldn't, let us know. It's basically who we like to read, and we're hoping you'll like them too!


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    Oh, I read them as well. There fine just as they are... Was just wondering the criteria in case it was not working as intended. Though a #CosmoQuest filter would be cool to see who was talking about the site.

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