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Thread: Too bright?

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    Too bright?

    I used to have a fairly simple criteria for when to mark something as a transient. It was:

    "When pressing the contrast button, no black pixels must be in the blob, especially the center". However, on some images there are very bright blobs that, even with the contrast button pushed, don't show any black pixels. See a link to an example below:

    Should these be marked as transients?

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    The instructions say "small, well-defined white blobs", so I don't mark those. But a clarification from the science team would be much appreciated.

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    Hi All,

    Please go ahead and mark the bright ones too. While the majority of KBOs are faint and small, there may be some interesting, closer objects in the set, and this may be a variable star. It's is easier to remove false positives than to find missed objects later.


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