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Thread: Really trivial stuff that amuses you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
    You never told us about your Australian ancestry.
    I expect there is a joke there, but I’m afraid it went right over my head. (And Australia strikes me as a nice country, but my ancestors came over from Europe in the 1800s - English, Dutch, French, and some others). they love us or do they try to get us up to their standards?
    I believe they see us as big, funny looking cats. And while some are aloof, I have no doubt many have strong affection for us.

    "The problem with quotes on the Internet is that it is hard to verify their authenticity." — Abraham Lincoln

    I say there is an invisible elf in my backyard. How do you prove that I am wrong?

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    There is this cliché that a) in Australia every animal tries to kill you and b) Australians have a habit of going after deadly animals barehanded. And while I won't say that cliché is true, I will say that our very manly seamen were still very glad to have some Aussies around when working in the jungle of Papua.

    When we had cats, they had all the cat habits but some of them also quite clearly just seemed to like us a lot. An awful lot. And one of the more reserved ones knew to ask us for help when needed. I think cats are quite independent, direct and like things their way, which makes them seem less loving than they really are at times.
    With sufficient thrust, water towers fly just fine.

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    Min caught a fly yesterday, mostly. (I had to help.)

    "Now everyone was giving her that kind of look UFOlogists get when they suddenly say, 'Hey, if you shade your eyes you can see it is just a flock of geese after all.'"

    "You can't erase icing."

    "I can't believe it doesn't work! I found it on the internet, man!"

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    Last night while I couldn't sleep I was thinking how the words "mild" and "wild" are opposites, and you can go from one to the other just by inverting the first letter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpatz View Post
    Last night while I couldn't sleep I was thinking how the words "mild" and "wild" are opposites, and you can go from one to the other just by inverting the first letter.
    "Mild Seven" is a brand of cigarettes somewhere or over, and once sponsored a Formula One team. When racing in countries where tobacco advertising was prohibited, they did just that.
    Cum catapultae proscriptae erunt tum soli proscript catapultas habebunt.

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