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Thread: Dr Who a freethinker?

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    Dr Who a freethinker?

    Doctor Who, humanist hero?

    I've been a freethinker nearly my entire life. I just didn't know it until relatively recently. Never stopped and thought about my favourite scifi charactor. Found this article interesting and thought some of you might also get some entertainment value out of it. I suppose Spock would also be a freethinker. He would definitely be in my top ten.

    I grew up on Dr Who. Tom Baker was my all time hero and role model. As I think about it more and more it seems likely I garnered my interest in science and respect for logic out of watching that long running show. I became a freethinker because I loved the technocratic humanism in Dr Who.

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    Tom Baker brings so much to the character of Dr. Who . His wonderful sense of humour and that winning grin will live forever.
    "Would you like a jelly baby ? " (A delightful fruity confection from Sol 3 ) . I think Tom Baker is the finest Doctor. No question.


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    Hartnell was Bertrand Russell with a Time Machine, after all.

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