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Thread: Anti-Light Pollution Political Candidate

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    Cool Anti-Light Pollution Political Candidate

    I'm an amateur astronomer and veteran member of the BAUT message board who’s running for state representative in northwest suburban Chicagoland. I've been inundated by questionnaires from various organizations. Last month I answered a questionnaire for the environmentally conscious Sierra Club. They asked no questions regarding light pollution, so I added a comment regarding the need to curb it. This past week I completed the Chicago Tribune's questionnaire. Among my responses was: Reduce light pollution to save money and energy, while allowing wondrous views of nature’s starry skies.
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    Centaur, you have been long enough on BAUT to know that such blatant political images are not allowed!
    Keep up the ant-light pollution activity, but don't place campaign posters.
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    Awesome! I hope you win!
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