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Thread: What are you watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schlaugh View Post
    Oh it’s definitely the train wreck method. You keep tuning in to see what new outrage or shock the show can produce within the limits of the interesting characters and the story arc.

    Ozark is the same. We watched a couple of episodes and said “well, let’s watch one more. “ And then one more. And then...we were hooked. Very good performances by Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and Julia Garner.
    Of course the aforementioned The Umbrella Academy has (and recently viewed episode is) veering into this very territory. I feel like there's a "line" it hasn't quite crossed yet. But my pool for new or new-ish entertainment seems to get smaller by the season.

    "Off went his rocket at the speed of light
    Flying so fast there was no day or night
    Messing around with the fabric of time
    He knows who's guilty 'fore there's even a crime

    Davy, Davy Crockett
    The buckskin astronaut
    Davy, Davy Crockett
    There's more than we were taught"

    -They Might Be Giants, "The Ballad Of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space)"

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    I've finish binging on Runaways and then notice that Cloak and Dagger was linked to the show. Now I am watching that one.

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