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Thread: What are you watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solfe View Post
    Circling back to the teaching thing, if someone had forever to teach you a skill in a time loop, they would probably be pretty angry at the end because they would/should have only the final iteration in memory. They would see that lack of mistakes and effectively perfect performance as gaslighting by the other character.
    Depends entirely on the fantasy rules the writers make for that version of "time travel", which is what a time loop as portrayed in fiction effectively is.
    "I'm planning to live forever. So far, that's working perfectly." Steven Wright

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    I started the third series of Unforgotten last night, but I'm not sure why. The show definitely appeals to me but the outcomes of the first two series were totally unsatisfactory.
    Spoilers below....

    Premise of the show is to introduce the finding of a decomposed body, and figure out who it is; while in the meantime introducing four seemingly unconnected characters from all over England. Then how are they connected and whodunnit.
    First series: Dead young black guy. Characters: Rich guy in line for a title, white woman married to a black guy and coaching football, guy in a wheelchair whose wife has dementia, vicar who's been less than careful with parish funds.
    Spoiler: None of them, it was wheelchair guy's wife. With dementia. Because he's bi.

    Second series: Body in a suitcase. Middle aged man. Characters: Woman with loser son, Muslim schoolteacher, gay barrister, juvenile cancer nurse. Woman with loser son turns out to be wife of (original) victim. And she's a police detective.
    Spoiler: All of them except the wife, because they've been previously abused and got together to kill each other's abusers. And the protagonist, having caught them discussing it, lets them go.
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