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    Prize or something of that.

    Hy to everybody, i was thinking to do a thing similar to deep impact paper:

    Only to who partecipated at the program , the team will give an user name and a password to put the real name and surname of the people that real worked on it and that will appear on a virtual pic.
    An image to download and that makes a picture 25 x 35 cm in printing, just a little picture ( if one wants to print) For example.
    With the title ICE INVESTIGATOR PROGRAM with on an ice body and something like image in the central part.
    Under a writing " thanks to partecipate to Ice investigator program" .
    Under " this certificate is presented to NAME, SURNAME in appreciaton to your work in Ice investigator."
    Under with the names or better the signature of the scientist that made this program and if it possible the name of istitution ect with its law permitions that have permited to made this.
    So it could be a nice thing to hung in dining room.
    To avoid that people that have not work , you put its names who collaborated on a database on line or something that, so when one digits its name, surname and birthdate its come out " congrats to have been Ice Investigators group", while with a wrong name nothing.
    It's only an idea to give a gift to thounsand people that have been on the project without spendind thousand of USD with a simply idea.
    But if there were other ideas, they could come out.
    Excuse for my English, for my crazy idea and i don't know if in other part of the forum has been just discuss of this.
    And if i offenced somebody or any istitution, i'm very sorry.
    Cheers Gonano.
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