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Thread: Brian May owns Patrick Moores house. he rented it back to him for Peppercorn Rent

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    Brian May owns Patrick Moores house. he rented it back to him for Peppercorn Rent

    Brian May Brian bought Farthings, the house in Selsey, West Sussex for £480,000 in 2008, paying about £40,000 above the market value to ensue the astronomer could stay in the home he had lived in for four decades.

    Brian leased the property back to Moore on the same day he bought it — charging 'one peppercorn if demanded' for a 25-year lease.
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    My opinion of May has just increased 10 fold...and i already thought he was pretty cool.
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    Seems Sir P was never financially secure, he spent all his income on Parties, Telescopes and helipng young astronemers through University.
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    I not a huge fan of Queen but Brian May has a lot of class besides being an excellent guitarist and astronomer.

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    What R.A.F. said.

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    Always wondered what happened to the royalties
    he raked in. I suspected charities had a lot of
    it and what is reported is not much different.
    He did not wear his heart on his sleeve as they

    He first made a big pile with Moon Flight Atlas
    in 1969. That led to the sumptuous Atlas of the
    Universe two years later. Maybe he started the
    "coffee table" style of big astronomy volumes.
    A newspaper columnist did some calculations of
    the Atlas sales and guessed Patrick made hundreds
    of thousands from it! This was 40 years ago.

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    I like Brian May for various reasons, his guitar playing -and building- being one of it. His signature sound being another one. And then there's his collection of cars. I like the collection as-is, but what I really love about it, is that he usually buys cars he likes rather than buying them as a mere investment. For example, he bought a beautiful Ferrari in the seventies back when it wasn't worth all that much and in fact it was a bit frowned upon by Ferrari enthousiasts. Their mistake, it is now worth milliions.

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