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Thread: how to prevent cold sores from forming

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    how to prevent cold sores from forming

    when a cold sore starts to form, you get a feeling at the spot which (over a period of time) confirms for you that one is forming.

    during this time (say upwards of an hour or 2, but the sooner the better) you have the ability to prevent the sore from developing...and without the use of any medication.

    simply wash the spot with tap water (ie: wet your finger and rub the spot and surrounding areas clean).

    afterwards (for several hours) you will still "feel the feeling" that there's a cold sore forming, but it will have been stopped from developing further and will slowly fade away without ever coming close to forming a large ugly scab, so that by the next day you will notice it has completely gone.

    the premise (a guess after the fact) is based on the idea that the surface of the lip is being attacked externally and you need to prevent the causative agent from gaining purchase by washng it off the surface and allowing the immune system to clean up a minimal (viral?...bacterial?) intrusion and repair the slight damage caused so far.

    i have tried this method several times and it always works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post

    the premise (a guess after the fact) is based on the idea that the surface of the lip is being attacked externally and you need to prevent the causative agent from gaining purchase by washng it off the surface and allowing the immune system to clean up a minimal (viral?...bacterial?) intrusion and repair the slight damage caused so far.
    Well, attacked? I suppose so, but not externally, rather internally.

    Cold sores are caused by infection by the herpes simplex virus that lies dormant in the body, usually since childhood.
    Most adults carry this virus which is transmitted through saliva. Infection is life long.

    Very interesting that this cleaning process works, I wonder if it is the cleaning or the rubbing that does it?


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    maybe the rubbing stimulates the immune system and the local circulation of blood to attack the virus infected zone. Rubbing a sore spot has been shown to encourage T cells to home in.

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    I couldth talk betta if my lipth wathn'th tho thore.

    Wait, wait, wait, while I rub my lip.

    There. Now, this anecdote is a far cry from scientific proof. The OP says that when they feel like they are developing a cold sore, they rub the affected area with cold tap water, and nothing develops. This proves nothing but that they have rubbed their lip with cold water (as long as someone else has seen them do it). However, if we have a large group of people, known to have a previous history of cold sores (and don't we all know such persons), and they use this technique for the rest of their lives, and never have another cold sore, then we might have something.

    Observation, hypothesis, prediction, and results. Single person anecdotal accounts are NOT science. Understand, I am not saying that the idea will not work, nor that it is unsafe, nor that we shouldn't try it. Just that it is untested. What have we got to lose?

    Excuse me, my lip feels funny again. I must visit the water tap.

    Regards, John M.
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    I'm not a hardnosed mainstreamer; I just like the observations, theories, predictions, and results to match.

    "Mainstream isnít a faith system. It is a verified body of work that must be taken into account if you wish to add to that body of work, or if you want to change the conclusions of that body of work." - korjik

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    The next couple of times you have two developing at the same time, have someone else rub only one without letting you know which, and have a third person who also didn't know which was rubbed have a look at them, then after doing this ten times the three of you compare notes and you come back here with the statistics.

    Yes, I know there's a flaw in the plan, feel free to improve on it.
    Reductionist and proud of it.

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    Chase after the truth like all hell and you'll free yourself, even though you never touch its coat tails. Clarence Darrow
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    I got cold sores in high school. Every September, without fail a big, honkin, unmistakable cold sore would pop up on my face. After high school, it seemed to go away for a few years. Then I would only get them when I had a sleepless night or got sick. About four years ago, for seemingly no reason, it came back with avengence. I spend more days/month with one than without one. Sometimes, just as one was healing, another one would show up. The cold sore, itself, wasn't always that big but the whole side of my lip would swell up, making me look like I'd been kicked in the mouth. I went to the doctor and he wrote me a two months Rx for acyclovir, 400mg to be taken twice daily along with Zovirax. I continued to get them and the medication did absolutely nothing to even shorten the healing time. I remember reading the cold water thing and tried that, with no results. I've also tried vitamins and lysine, stopped drinking soda, applied salt, tea bags soaked in warm water, tea bags soaked in cold water, tea bags soaked in milk, rubbing alcohol, pimple cream, Lysterine, and downloaded a $29 PDF that guaranteed to stop cold sores "in their tracks." Even the doctor was perplexed at the lack of response. After about six months, it just stopped. I will still get the occassional one and the dosage and process I do now, doesn't stop it from coming but it certainly minimalizes the appearance. After trial and error with medications, my doctor wrote me an Rx for 1 gram of valcyclovir (too high to take daily, I can only take it when I have symptoms) and Zovirax (the combination is REALLY expensive but better than the anxiety of feeling like a circus side show). When I start to feel one coming on, I take two pills in the morning and one pill at night (I don't recommend such high dosages, it is a risk) for four days and drink a ridiculous amount of water. I immediately start ice for twenty minutes, multiple times throughout the day, and follow instructions for the Zovirax. The thing about the ice, that I learned the hard way is to make sure it is wrapped in plastic and keep a napkin handy to wipe the plastic if I am going to remove the ice to re-adjust. When I used a towel, the ice melted, the water dripped and the next morning, I got a cold sore on my bottom lip, directly beneath the one on my top lip.

    All of those "rememdies" that I tried were found in forums asserted by the authors that they are guaranteed to work. The only thing I can think is some people have very strong immune systems and minimal attention might work for them. Combine that with the varying strains of the virus and I conclude that there is no single thing out there that is going to work for everyone.

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