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Thread: The status of ISS in international law point of wiew

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    The status of ISS in international law point of wiew

    Hy to everybody,
    Is the ISS neutral area from international point of wiew?
    If would a crime do into the iss, what kind of tribunal will judge the guilty/ies?
    The eventual investigations , who would be conducted?
    I'm sorry for this silly question.
    Above all my awfull English.
    Thanks to the team for your eventual reply.
    Cheers Gonano.

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    There is some documentation about this at the ESA website:
    Information about American English usage here. Floating point issues? Please read this before posting.

    How do things fly? This explains it all.

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    Many thanks to swampyankee for your kindly reply.
    It's the right answer about my doubts.
    Cheers Gonano.

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