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Thread: BABB Java Chat

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    BABB Java Chat

    Does anyone go to that chatroom any more?

    (...hangs head and blushes furisomely, as it's been awhile for his own self...)

    Can't do the Paltalk thing, 'cause of the corporate firewall..

    Just curious...

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    Jun 2003
    No sorry Charlie. Nobody showed up for a long time so i stopped going too.

    You mean the #BABB IRC chatroom right?

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    Yup, that beez the one...

    Maybe we can rejuvenate some interest?

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    Feb 2004
    I'm always up for IRC. I've been in and out of the channel a few times, but it's always dead. Colt's the only person I've ever found in there.

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    Jan 2003
    I miss that channel, we had some fun times in there.

    I loathe PalTalk.
    Hi! I'm Liz!

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    Well, whatthehey...I'm there now, floating back and forth between here, there, and PBS...I love my job...

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