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Thread: Antique Telescope help

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    Antique Telescope help

    Hello I used to be really into astronomy but being from Scotland the weather not the best for it I fell away from it but now i have a 3 year old and as soon as he showed the slightest interest it gave me the excuse to go and but a nice new scope for us to play with.

    So when I was walking around a car-boot sale and i saw this telescope i just liked it and thought would be a nice little addition to our man cave but in trying to find any information on my new find i hit a brick wall so i was hoping some vets/ experts would give me a bit of a hand .

    I would love any information at all or even point me in the direction of where to find the info just so when people are in i can sound like i know what i'm talking about plus if its worth any money i wouldnt want my boy doing the same thing the last owners did and sell it as car-boot just to get rid of it when his old man croaks lol .

    The lenses at either end of the telescope appear to be in very good undamaged condition, illustrated in pictures 2 and 5 for more detail.

    Around the rim of the telescope, shown in picture 3 the words and letters "No. 23 B 10in EF," are very clearly engraved.

    The viewfinder also has a clear imprint which, reads "Broadhurst Clarkson & Co"

    There is wear to the large brass cylinder displayed in both pictures 1 and 4. The middle cylinder is worn of brass also, whereas the end section with the viewfinder is in shiny condition, albeit marks and scratches present.

    I am not sure how to add photos so i have added a link below which will take you to all the photos just on a flickr account. again thanks for all and any information you can give me and my boy will be over the moon to get a bit more info on its history.

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    Have you tried contacting Telescope House? It looks very cool.

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    Google is your friend. Go through the images and find the one closest to yours, then see if the page the image is from is helpful.

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    I assume "10in" refers to the focal length. Is the image erect, or inverted? I'd expect the former as its clearly for terrestrial use.
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