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Thread: PhD astronomy in Australia

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    PhD astronomy in Australia


    I am a Physics masters student from India in a college in Texas.

    I want to pursue a PhD in Astronomy (observational/radio) Australia.

    I have heard Australia is very good at obs astronomy - however google searches are revealing a lot about the telescopes and other facilities there but not much about the names of the Universities that offer a doctorate in Radio astronomy.

    To that end I want to approach the forum members for some help - does anyone of you know which are the universities in Australia to which we can apply for a doctorate in Astronomy.


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    Try the amateur forums on They are pretty switched on and have a Radio Astronomy & Spectroscopy forum. There are more posts about spectroscopy in good part because not many people can afford radio gear they way they can acquire and use optical equip't. You might also look up the arXiv & ADS papers involving Daniela Carollo, Sarah Martell, Ken Freeman, and Timothy Beers. Their work is in the IR, optical, and UV bands, but the universities and institutes they represent are the websites you are really after. Good luck and much encouragement, radio astronomy is an exciting field these days. =Dana in S Africa

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    Start with UNSW, USYD & Swinburne University.

    They all have doctorate programs in astronomy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by subny View Post
    I want to pursue a PhD in Astronomy (observational/radio) Australia.

    I have heard Australia is very good at obs astronomy
    Is this the reason why you want to go to Australia for the PhD? Or do you have other reasons for picking Australia vs. other countries?

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    Also check the ICRAR site and UWA.

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    For radio astronomy in Australia, you want to look at the SKA collaboration and the pathfinder ASKAP. Might want to check out the universities that work on that, and they also have a grad student training program:

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