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Thread: Joe Vs the Volcano

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    Smile Joe Vs the Volcano

    Hi all. I am a 49yr old PICU travel RN. I hope someone here has seen the movie joe vs the volcano(Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan. 1990) ? There is a scene in the movie when joe was floating in the ocean on his luggage and when he stood up and the camera panned back, he was standing in front of the biggest full moon. Awe inspiring in ur face giant full moon. I am not sure which ocean (might have been around Hawaii/south pacific ocean area?) joe saw it in. I know it was a movie set/green screen/imposed image in the movie. I just want to know what time of year and where I have to be on this planet to see an awe inspiring giant full moon like it ? I saw the latest Big moon rising off the east coast of southern Florida a few months ago, also saw another big giant moon (not full tho) in LA Calif that framed downtown. Both awesome but not like the moon in joe vs the volcano. Can someone please help me ? I dont have a lot of time but willing to go anywhere in the world to stand up and be frammed by a BIG FULL MOON ps i am currently in Hawaii. Thank you all and God bless

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    All you need is a telephoto lens and a lot of distance between you and the camera.

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    What Solfe matter where on Earth you go, the Moon will always have an angular diameter of about 0.5 degrees. It may look larger near the recently looked stunningly large and golden during my daily commute home from work as it set near my mountain...but that is an optical illusion. Improbably large moon- or sunsets in photos or film (when not CGI) are the result of extreme telephoto lenses.
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    The movie was made to be like a film from the 30s/40s. They used the same techniques, even a lot of vintage equipment while filming the movie. That is why there is a lot of water tank work. It wasn't until the 70s that movies became obsessed with 'realism'. Before that the the idea was to have the impression of realism, with a lot of style in he sets and how things were filmed.


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