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Badtrip, I agree. Our senses act as a filter. We are perceiving a subset of reality. Maybe what we perceive is the tip of the iceberg, and what is below the water remains beyond our capacity to understand.
And I'm saying that language is incoherent. You say we perceive a subset of reality, presumably the subset we are capable of perceiving. I then ask, what can you possibly mean by 'reality' if you cannot give it a definition that connects with what we are capable of perceiving? Any such definition has gone outside what we can give meaning to, because it is only our shared perceptions that could ever have meaning to us, ergo it has no meaning to us. That which has no meaning to us has no meaning at all, because that's what we mean by meaning, so we are then speaking gibberish that sounds like it means something, but falls apart under closer scrutiny.