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Thread: Soap bubbles with NO reflections

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    Soap bubbles with NO reflections

    Just before a soap bubble bursts it has some irregular shapes with NO reflections.
    What's happening here.

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    These are the thinnest areas of the bubble, the points at which it is just about to burst. They are just a few molecules thick, therefore less than one wavelength of visible light. Light reflected from the outside and inside of the fluid layer therefore interferes destructively, so you see very little reflected light.
    See http://www.animations.physics.unsw.e...flections.html for some more explanation and diagrams.

    Grant Hutchison

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    A saw an antique "trick" mirror that was shaped like an oval cabochon, about two feet in the longest direction and several inches thick. Good Lord, the craftsmanship was outstanding. I don't know what's higher than cabinet maker in carpentry, but whoever made it back in the day was just that. I saw it while moving the mansion of a well to do individual.

    If you stood in front of the mirror you would see the room behind you, fisheyed a bit of course, but you couldn't see yourself!

    Is that how it was done?
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